Bella hadid affirms her supermodel class when showing off her top-notch visuals in all universes

In Swarovski ‘s new fashion shoot , Bella Hadid proves why the title of the world’s top supermodel always marks her name.

Bella hadid affirms her supermodel class when showing off her top-notch visuals in all universes

In a new campaign series featuring images conceived by Creative Director Giovanna Engelbert and photographed by renowned photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, Bella Hadid puts on an incredible performance. with various and stylish crystal jewelry designs.

Through the campaign, supermodel Bella Hadid clearly demonstrated a multi-dimensional perspective on new fashion thinking: freely mixing accessories according to her unique personality and not hesitate to break the rules.

Bella Hadid has inspired creativity and broadened the horizons of the younger generation with its unique crystal jewelry and captivating beauty. Previously, crystal was used exclusively in ballrooms to create a flashy, luxurious look, but now it has been adapted to suit the clothes and fashion trends of modern women.

This variation is illustrated in six portraits of Bella Hadid in six different colors of crystal jewelry. As the iconic image for the door to the brilliant world of the famous crystal jewelry brand, each portrait is framed in each crystal color and cut in an octagonal shape based on the brand’s logo, boldly represents the characteristics of the Millenia Family.

Bella Hadid is not only the world’s top supermodel but also considered a symbol of the individualistic attitude and transformation of a new global generation. Supermodel 9x is a multifaceted character who always overcomes barriers and looks forward to new challenges.


After many days of waiting, supermodel Bella Hadid finally appeared at the red carpet of Cannes Film Festival 2022 on the 8th day in front of millions of fans’ expectations.

As soon as she entered the red carpet at the premiere of the movie “The Innocent” (L’Innocent), the beauty born in 1996 immediately became the focus of the media and the public with her haughty and luxurious beauty in the design of the dress. Versace cup black. With the meticulous and aesthetic taste of stylist Law Roach, the image of the hot but personality supermodel Bella Hadid every day becomes more noble than ever.

In the Cannes 2021 season, Bella Hadid used to consume ink bags of prestigious newspapers when wearing a unique archive dress design from Jean Paul Gaultier’s Haute Couture Spring Summer 2002 collection. And so does this year’s Film Festival, she continues to be in the top of the best dressed beauties of Cannes 2022 in an archived dress from the 80s of Italian fashion house Versace. The dress exalted her sexy and luxurious figure, making fans unable to take their eyes off her every step.

It is known that the dress was designed by Gianni Versace for the famous opera singer Helga Dernesch to perform “Solome” at the Teatro alla Scala (Italy) in 1987. The dress with the bust with the upper body created an effect. Georgette silk ruffles and panné velvet lower body hug the seductive hourglass figure. The design is completed by a large bow made of stiff taffeta silk that wraps around the waist. To elevate the trendy look, the “million-dollar supermodel” is dotted with high-end jewelry from the famous Swiss jewelry brand Chopard.

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