Good books on art larousse’s book series of 6 world painters

Good books on art larousse's book series of 6 world painters

The world famous painting book series consists of 6 books, part of a series of works introducing the life and career of these artists. All copyrighted from French publishing house Larousse.

Good books on art larousse’s book series of 6 world painters

This series is a simple way to learn about influential names in the art world. These are Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Gauguin, Johannes Vermeer, Paul Cézanne, and Hokusai. They are either the ones who discovered an art style, or are typical representatives of that art school.

The World Book Series is a concise, concise way to help you learn about these characters. Books are printed with their most famous works, reviews of these masterpieces, as well as biographical information of the artists to help you better understand the inspirations in their creative process. .

Claude Monet: A pioneer painter who openly gave birth to Impressionism . Through the analysis and images of 45 greatest masterpieces of Claude Monet, we will understand why to this day, he is still a popular artist.

Vincent Van Gogh: Great Post-Impressionist painter. In this book from the series of World Artists, you will learn more deeply about the life of many ups and downs of the Dutch painter.

Paul Gauguin: Post-Impressionist painter, one of the greatest French painters of the nineteenth century. He is also considered a pioneer of modern art.

Johannes Vermeer: ​​One of the greatest painters of the golden age of Dutch painting. He left many unique works in terms of genre, style, drawing technique as well as metaphorical satire behind the work.

Paul Cézanne: The artist made his mark with a series of famous still life paintings from apples and oranges, views of Sainte-Victoire mountains, scenes of people bathing… He is considered to be the one who laid the foundation for the transition between late-world Impressionism 19th century and Cubism in the early 20th century.

Hokusai: The Japanese master of printmaking has left behind a huge variety of works. Besides paintings of everyday life that are shown with a sense of humour, Hokusai is also famous for woodblock prints of majestic, dreamlike landscapes with impeccable precision.

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