Hermès les jeux de l’ombre jewelry collection that brings contrast between light and darkness

Hermès les jeux de l'ombre jewelry collection that brings contrast between light and darkness

Hermès launches its seventh haute couture collection: Les jeux de l’ombre – a collection of 53 pieces designed by Jewelery Creative Director Pierre Hardy

Hermès les jeux de l’ombre jewelry collection that brings contrast between light and darkness

Is the darkness the thing that confuses us? Is darkness the opposite of matter? Hermès’ haute joaillerie (haute joaillerie) collection Les Jeux de l’Ombre materializes the ambiguity

Designed by Pierre Hardy, the brand’s Creative Director of Jewelry since 2011, the collection reveals the beauty of contrast, the movement of darkness, and its relationship with light.

Jewelry know-how reaches its zenith in the Les Jeux de l’Ombre collection when Pierre Hardy’s creativity connects with a functional aesthetic already familiar to Hermès.

When the light hits, jewels are liberated from darkness to shine in multicolored radiance and are made even more brilliant by a range of gems in a monochromatic or fading range as above. Miroir d’ombre necklace.

On the Chaînes d’ombre necklace, the intertwining of flat-cut diamonds and a band of black spinel and blue sapphires in fading hues creates a dramatic visual effect on the chaîne d’ancre link. The unique diamond encrustation makes the shapes come to life while preserving the beauty of the design.

For the jewelry to shine gracefully on the skin, it took jewelers 2,000 hours to perfect this necklace, including 700 hours to meticulously set each gemstone correctly. most accurate.v

Gemstones are encrusted in a soft contour around a dark area, guiding, protecting, and enhancing their radiance. On the Lueurs du jour ring, earring, and necklace, jade is used to portray darkness, meticulously handcrafted to achieve a satin finish.

The Couleurs du jour bracelet is crafted from the finest craftsmanship, the pendant can be opened and closed, revealing its beauty to the light.

Finally, the Les Jeux de l’Ombre collection is closed by Hermès with a radiant symbol of color. Rough, unpolished stones such as yellow diamonds, brown diamonds, spessartite garnets, tsavorite garnets, and tourmaline are selected for their vivid colors, and through the hands of the jeweler have become Rings and earrings with unique beauty. When exposed to light, they radiate different shades of a single color, reminiscent of their original splendor as a treasure from the Earth.

Since 1837, Hermès has always adhered to an operating model based on artisans and human values. The freedom of creativity, the spirit of innovation, the constant search for beautiful materials, the transfer of craftsmanship, and the harmony of aesthetics with function, all make the uniqueness of Hermès, a brand of Hermès. enduring artifacts.

An independent family company covering 16 categories, Hermès is dedicated to maintaining most of its production in France through its 52 workshops and production sites and developing a network of more than 300 stores. in 45 countries. The group has nearly 17,600 employees worldwide. Including nearly 11,000 people in France, of which nearly 6,000 are craftsmen (As of December 31, 2021). Axel Dumas, a sixth-generation member of the family, has been the CEO of Hermès since 2013.

Founded in 2008, the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès aims to support projects in the areas of artistic creation, training and teaching of savoir-faire know-how, biodiversity, and environmental conservation.

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