Listen to the sound of fresh fashion spring summer 2022 from sustainable materials

The inspiration of the “Running for the Sun” collection comes from a hot and fresh summer afternoon, when we are absorbed in the thin strips of sunlight, when the skin is touched by the steam from the lake, and the wind, and the sunlight. God.

Listen to the sound of fresh fashion spring summer 2022 from sustainable materials

The collection includes designs made entirely by hand at Leinné’s workshop in Vietnam. To provide soft touches, the fashion house chooses raffia from distant Madagascar. Through many stages of processing, this special material creates bags and hats that can withstand water when dropped into the sea, laundered and restored to their original shape – unlike products made from unstable sedge. other. Combined with raffia sedge is also Japanese linen, which is a high density woven knitted fabric that is durable and feels soft to the touch.

Light and cool, the Pearly shirt dress in soft linen caresses the skin, slits from bodice to tail, skillfully embellished with pearls. The design comes from a collaboration with menswear and shirt designer Gastiel Paris – with a stand-up collar that is sharp and distinctive. Meanwhile, the long-sleeved linen shirt dress – Aelia brings a more liberal and free beauty. Try combining the design with a raffia belt for a bohemian look. Sandra bag – a gift from the sun and Délice Scallop hat, vivid shape from the sea.

Long days of spacing leave us looking for designs that are comfortable and flexible. The round cabas bag made of silk is a delicate combination between the pleasing round design and the signature cabas handle design. Touch the hand-tufted surface of Bao Loc silk to feel a soft midsummer breeze.

In the spirit of Athleisure, the summer-loved cap design evokes a modern and minimalist feel for an energetic day. Or enjoy a sunny and windy afternoon, riding a bike with a choice of comfort. It could be a typical Fedora Henri hat with a bit of masculinity, and the Henriette bag design in minimalist architectural inspiration.

Boater Yoyo hat and Sisi rice pearl necklace give a dreamy look. Besides, the Iris hat with its unique design combined with the characteristic cabas round bag design from raffia sedge is a friend to accompany us on summer trips.

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