Victoria’s Secret breaks the rules to hire a male model for the first time

Victoria's Secret breaks the rules to hire a male model for the first time

After hiring oversized models, transgender models, and models with Down syndrome, Victoria’s Secret continues to surprise people.

Victoria’s Secret breaks the rules to hire a male model for the first time

This April, American actor – Darren Barnet – officially became the face of Victoria’s Secret’s genderless collection of PINK products. This collection includes a wide variety of products such as shorts, t-shirts, accessories and more.

PINK product line CEO – Amy Hauk – said that Barnet is famous for its close and positive image, so it is very suitable for PINK’s products this time (aimed at teenagers). “As Victoria’s Secret expands its products celebrate gender diversity, we wanted to make sure the models both represent the brand’s message and don’t lose sight of their own individuality.” – Hauk said.

Barnet did not forget to express her happiness at becoming the first male model of Victoria’s Secret on her personal page: “I love the job that PINK is doing. They are focusing on people’s mental health care and community integration needs. This is a topic I’ve always been interested in. I feel very honored to be participating in the genderless clothing advertising campaigns for young people.”

Darren Barnet (born 1991) is an American and Japanese hybrid. According to Standard UK, Barnet can speak 4 languages: English, French, Japanese and Spanish.

He has participated in the films American Pie Presents: Girls’ Rules, Love Hard , the series Never Have I Ever produced by Netflix. Darren Barnet also played the character Freddy Malick in the series Agents of SHIELD in the Marvel universe.

In addition to his passion for acting, he also enjoys playing sports, writing music, singing, and writing scripts. In 2018, he self-produced and landed a role in his debut short film Glass

The move to hire male models is considered a remarkable step in the journey to improve Victoria’s Secret’s brand image.


Sending an invitation to step into the world of Crocodile under the guidance of Lacoste L001 – L002 shoes, the brand wishes to express its appreciation for colorful life; as well as showing pride in the unique line of DNA that the brand has always persistently pursued.

When Lacoste – France’s leading fashion brand – sent out an invitation to everyone, to step into its world: Crocodile World . A world full of utopias. Where unexpected encounters create bridges between generations, where strangers soon become familiar; where anyone is free to live as themselves. And even the smallest beauty, not forgotten.

A world bringing the old days of France into the global future flow. A world resplendent with diverse cultural influences, from the existing to the sacred. And also a world full of opportunities, where dreams continue, where the impossible doesn’t exist.

The key and also the name that guides the entrance to the world of Lacoste: Two iconic shoes L001 and L002

It is still the “quality” that Lacoste determines in all products: the harmony between the flows of time, between heritage and contemporary, between comfort and trendy elements. The duo L001 and L002 are simple, elegant and full of qualities to become an impressive highlight on any casual outfit spanning many fashion styles.

Following the couple L001 – L002, fashion lovers understand more about the brand’s DNA through unexpected encounters with globally loved characters that the world of Lacoste opens: A holder of a record ambitious world continent, active dog, rebellious bee, soccer player, ping pong player and more friends.

More than an invitation to an exciting world, more than a celebration for L001 – L002, Lacoste also sends a message of the spirit of overcoming differences, divisions, erasing all lines of generation, culture and culture. the era that the brand has always pursued.

Lacoste L001 – L002 shoes inspired by the rich heritage of France

Inspired by a rich and nuanced heritage, the L001 – L002 couple not only wears a timeless beauty, but at the same time, fulfills the task of honoring the individuality of the wearer. . As a brand with a long history, along with the spirit of constant progress passed down from the founder. Every product Lacoste creates always carries its own aura: modern, nostalgic, and harmonious.

Sharing the same unique line of DNA, the Lacoste L001 shoe – with its trendy overall design and bold heritage lines – acts as a bridge for times, for cultures, for everyone. Subtle herringbone motifs, skillfully embossed crocodile logo, carefully arranged dots on the full-thickness soleplate provide the appeal of modern classic, along with the Smooth suede upper, raising the bar for L001.

The most special feature of the L001 is the inverted V, symbolizing the connection of the shaft & tennis racket in the 80s – This is an inherited detail, inspired by the brand’s treasure – the first Lacoste shoe. Created by Rene Lacoste herself.

Based on the L001 platform, cleverly breathed into new life, Lacoste L002 shoes are a Lacoste gift exclusively for women. Still with rich heritage lines on an elegant, minimalist design, L002 looks like a dynamic, more disruptive version of L001 with youthful, eye-catching chunky. Free-spirited, experiential, ready for any adventure, with L002 on foot, nowhere is untouchable.

Owning many different color versions, Lacoste once again shows the indulgence and understanding of customers. Whatever fashion style you choose, both L001 and L002 can be tailored. From walks to meetings or even matches, on every personality we go with. The couple L001 – L002 both radiate the spirit of freedom, without compromise.

Mixing interesting imagination with colorful real life, in footage or even in the world of Lacoste. Every day is an adventure, an escape, a challenge, a mystery, a joy, a wonder.

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