5 ways to style clothes down street for all women

5 ways to style clothes down street for all women

Every New Year to Spring, the gorgeous and haughty image from sequin or metallic dresses is always the perfect choice for ladies. True but still not enough, fashion not only stops at the maps for a special event of the year, but also means opening a favorable and lucky new year.

5 ways to style clothes down street for all women

As a habit of Vietnamese people in the first days of the year, shopping for new things has become an indispensable “spice” to have a full and complete Tet. Above all, new clothes also represent the aspirations and hopes of each person in the new year. Some people favorably choose colors that bring prosperity according to feng shui (or zodiac), there are also people who love to indulge their own taste in beautiful clothes with a style of clothing that affirms their personal impression for the day. the begin of the year.

If the girls are still wondering between countless choices of Tet outfits, the following 5 tips will help you find the answer for yourself.

It is undeniable that color plays a key role in the selection of women’s Tet costumes. In terms of the concept of feng shui of Asians in general and Vietnamese in particular, the ladies have a variety of color choices that are suitable for each person’s five elements. For example, for people with the Fire par, their destiny colors are inherently red, orange, purple, and pink, so costumes with these tones will bring them luck and success.

Besides, the color green is also very suitable for people of Fire par. On the contrary, the contrasting colors with Fire are black and blue, which are often avoided in the first days of the year. Similarly, other color rules in the five elements are also applied by fans in mix-&-match mixes on Tet holiday.

In general, thanks to the rise of the color-block trend in the fashion village today, the girls have more ideas for combining new colors that are both beautiful and suitable for feng shui. Or the trendy monochrome mixes that are very popular with modern fashionistas are also an ideal suggestion to shine on Tet this year.

If you are not a follower of color-block color schemes or elaborate attachments, then a minimalist outfit is enough to make an equally luxurious and attractive appearance. With only basic items, women can transform into many different styles, with the recipe of combining classic design items with modern-imprinted outfits to see the newness but equally stylish.

An outfit cannot be complete without fashion accessories or accessories that lose symmetry. Besides beautiful clothes, whether the ladies’ fashion style is attractive enough depends on the skillful mix-&-match of accessories. That is also the secret to mastering all eyes through the fashion language that fashionistas and stylists in the “underground” world default to.

Depending on the style and the event you plan to attend, you can flexibly choose the appropriate earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets… Particularly for items such as bags and shoes, choose for yourself a design with animal skin motifs (such as tiger skin, snake skin, leopard skin…) to highlight the overall outfit. Of course, they are suitable for most mixes from maximalism to minimalism.

As mentioned above, designs made of leather, sequins or feathers, metallics or velvets are associated with grand parties and festivals of the year. This year’s Tet season is no exception, because they are the brightest highlights at prestigious Fashion Weeks, promising to continue to “sweep” the fashion field in the future. Shine in festively inspired designs for the New Year’s Day, why not?

No matter what season it is, layering is still considered a “trump card” to help raise the trendy level of the entire set. The outfit will no longer be monotonous when the girls know how to accentuate the overall look by creating a layering effect with layers of clothing. This is also how famous fashion houses have promoted in their Ready-to-wear collections over the years.

A small but very effective note is that a beautiful layer mix is ​​from 2 to 3 layers, taking the color or material and fabric texture to highlight. This Spring, why don’t you try layering your own outfits to go to the spring?

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