Dazzled before the most expensive jewelry series on the red carpet of the cannes film festival

Dazzled before the most expensive jewelry series on the red carpet of the cannes film festival

Even wearing only “quiet” colors such as white or black, Anne Hathaway, Julia Roberts, Kristen Stewart, etc., and many other stars still occupy the spotlight thanks to their sophisticated and artistic jewelry.

Dazzled before the most expensive jewelry series on the red carpet of the cannes film festival

It can be said that the world’s top monumental events such as the Cannes Film Festival are always the ideal stage for jewelers to “show off” their crafting skills and stock of rare gems. Until the next appointment, at Cannes 2022, famous brands such as BVLGARI , Cartier, Chaumet, Boucheron, Tiffany & Co…. all “snap” the golden opportunity for their luxury jewelry designs to resonate. Quang with female stars on the red carpet of the biggest movie event in the world.

The Oscar-winning actress appeared on the Cannes red carpet in a black, low-cut dress by Bottega Veneta . Accompanying that is a necklace called Tribute to Paris , which is part of the Eden The Garden of Wonders collection of Italian jeweler BVLGARI, which will be officially released this June.

The centerpiece of the necklace is an oval Colombian emerald weighing 35.53 carats. Surrounding it are 50 pear-cut diamonds interspersed with 460 emeralds and over 300 smaller diamonds.

Another gorgeous design from BVLGARI’s Eden The Garden of Wonders collection with Anne Hathaway “storms” at Cannes 2022. Anne’s Mediterranean necklace makes people easily think of the “Heart of the Heart” symbol. Ocean” famous in Titanic . It represents the link between Rome – the origin of the brand’s founder and the city of light – Paris – the hometown of LVMH (the parent company of BVLGARI).

Each line of the jewelry is modeled after the soft winding of the Eiffel Tower. It is known that to complete this necklace, BVLGARI took about 1700 hours to make. In particular, the royal blue sapphire impresses viewers with a weight of 107 carats.

Indian actress Deepika Padukone overwhelmed the international media with her salty beauty and impressive style. Accordingly, the image of a Bollywood beauty wearing a Panthère de Cartier necklace has spread widely on social networking sites in recent days. It is a design in 18K white gold, encrusted with emeralds,

onyx spots and 4038 diamonds totaling nearly 20 carats, belonging to Cartier ‘s Panthère collection , with the highlight of the leopard – the iconic animal of the family brand. group of France. It is known that this famous design costs about 461,000 USD. (10.6 billion VND).

During the Armageddon Time screening , the Cannes jury member beamed on the red carpet in a Louis Vuitton evening gown . Deepika Padukone didn’t wear any accessories to make this Cartier 18K white gold and sparkling diamond high-end necklace take center stage.

It is not simply that people call Julia Roberts the “godmother” of Trophée Chopard – the rising young actor award presented by Chopard at Cannes this year. For one of the legendary Hollywood stars like Julia, only the most aristocratic jewelry can match her class and power. The Pretty Woman actress wore a Fancy Vivid Yellow diamond with an extremely rare yellow color weighing more than 100 carats. All the stages of making this necklace by Chopard are done in Switzerland.

Appearing on the red carpet for the premiere of Louis Garrel’s L’Innocent , Kristen Stewart wore a minimalist black outfit from CHANEL’s Haute Couture collection. To make the outfit less monotonous, the Twilight star decorated herself with accessories such as a Comète Harmonie necklace and ring from the 1932 high-end jewelry collection , released this year by CHANEL Fine Jewelry Creation Studio . It is known that both designs are made of 18K white gold mixed with diamonds and onyx.

Australian actress Katherine Langford “steals” all eyes at the red carpet of the film festival when wearing a vintage Piaget necklace backwards. This is one of the latest designs in the Swiss brand’s high-end jewelry collection. It is made up of many diamonds of different shapes surrounding the luxurious emerald. Coordinating with the delicate necklace is a pair of marquise diamond earrings from the same collection.

Attending the premiere of the movie Final Cut (Coupez!) , fashion model and influencer Lori Harvey paired a gorgeous evening gown with a high-end Messika necklace and earrings. Described as “a lake broken into a thousand pieces by the wrath of the ice queen”, the Shards of Mirror necklace has a sophisticated design, from Messika’s Snow Queen collection. The brand says the jewelry is made up of numerous teardrop-shaped diamonds weighing more than 100 carats.

Also at Cannes this year, in addition to Lori Harvey, Shards of Mirror also shined with model Paola Turani and Victoria’s Secret angel – Sara Sampaio. In each appearance, Messika’s jewelry design “weighs all images” brings a different nuance.

Leaving aside the white diamond necklaces that have dominated the red carpet , at the Triangle of Sadness premiere , French model, singer and former first lady Carla Bruni paired her lilac purple Céline dress with Bulgari colorful pearl necklace.

Viola Davis paired her Alexander McQueen dress with a unique Boucheron Hopi hummingbird ring. A 35-carat yellow beryl stone is used as a “bait” for a hummingbird with jade and diamonds on the side. In addition, the American actress and producer chose to add the Fleur de Paradis hair accessory – made from amethyst, yellow and orange jade, etc. from Boucheron’s upcoming Carte Blanche collection.

Attending the premiere of the movie Final Cut (Coupez!) , Italian-American actress Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz donned a full outfit and jewelry from CHANEL. Besides the tulle dress in the Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2022 collection , she added a bit of “rock” with a personalized CHANEL Joaillerie ear cuff .

Cindy Bruna shines at the Armageddon Time premiere in Chaumet’s rose and white gold necklace. The highlight of this design is the fancy sunset-colored Padparadscha sapphire, exalting the slender, sexy shoulders of the French long legs. Earrings of the same material were also chosen by Cindy Bruna for her red carpet outfit.

The appearance of German fashionista – Caroline Daur with a Valentino light effect mini dress combined with Tiffany & Co jewelry . gives Cannes a more youthful breeze. The American brand’s HardWear earrings with metal links evoke the vibrant and modern spirit of America.

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