Lacoste brand campaign revealing the story of touching in the world of crocodiles

Lacoste brand campaign revealing the story of touching in the world of crocodiles

Born in 1933, Lacoste has stood the test of time, both in style and in genre. The crocodile symbol is constantly spreading and is owned by all classes. Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves.

Lacoste brand campaign revealing the story of touching in the world of crocodiles

Have you ever come across someone wearing the same outfit as you? How did you feel at that time? This feeling of surprise is conveyed witty and emotional at the same time through Lacoste’s new promotional campaign.

On the beach, Marga meets Anis. The age gap is shortened when they “touch” in bright pink polo shirts. Skateboarding brother with a cold look chooses a beanie hat to match the girl’s, who will follow whom? What to say, when two strangers with the same idea of ​​”wearing socks and sandals” meet?

The inspiration this time comes from the diverse differences in the Lacoste community. The moment when two complete strangers bump into each other somewhere, they quickly sympathize and get excited when they realize what they both have in common: Lacoste the crocodile .

Coincidental coincidences bring joyful friendships, goodwill, and friendships that can arise from there.

BETC Paris is the Agency in charge of this campaign, this is also the unit that made a splash in the collection of polo shirts printed with endangered animals to replace the crocodile in the campaign to protect animals. earlier Lacoste’s.

This time, BETC honors the “crocodile” symbol to become a bridge, connecting seemingly completely different people together.

In this promotional campaign, Lacoste once again reasserts itself through familiar icons, but blows into it new, joyful and exciting emotions.

The campaign photos were recorded in a realistic and improvised manner through the hands of photographer Ronan Gallagher. He harmonizes his documentary style and fashion vibes to capture emotional moments.

Meanwhile, each video of this campaign is only 20 seconds long, recording everyday scenes that take place in many contexts, told by French director Laure Atanasyan in a humorous and gentle way, thereby helping to emphasize strong nuanced campaign. They are also rolling out on social media with Original Kids reels.

The music is a combination of all 3 genres: Rock, country music and hip-hop performed by The Sugarhill Gang – Apache, reinforcing the idea of ​​cultural interference, difference. Music happily appears at every encounter, to accompany our protagonist when they meet

This Lacoste brand promotion campaign honors the power of the crocodile symbol. Symbols help people bond, but without sacrificing the ability to express their own distinct personality. The crocodile symbol is the intersection, helping to connect everyone at the crossroads of culture, generation, style…


Exotic leathers are all leathers that are not harvested from poultry sources, including but not limited to snake skins, crocodile skins, lizard skins, etc. If Hermès and Louis Vuitton are ramping up the chain. supplying these leathers, Burberry announced it would cease manufacturing accessories using them. This is the decision announced at the British fashion house’s financial results meeting for 2021.

2021 is a year of great growth for Burberry. Sales increased 23% over the same period in 2020, and profits increased by 38%.

For 2022, Burberry is relatively cautious. The Chinese market isn’t doing much – the prolonged curfew that began in March caused revenue to drop 13% in the first quarter. “We think the situation will improve once the curfew is lifted,” according to an official press release from Burberry. “Business estimates depend on the recovery of purchasing power in China”.

This financial results meeting is an important “launch” opportunity for Mr. Jonathan Akeroyd, the new CEO of Burberry. Former CEO Marco Gobbetti left Burberry to join Salvatore Ferragamo in early 2022. Many people are eager to know what policies the new CEO will have to help the British brand grow.

Mr. Jonathan Akeroyd said he sees opportunities for development in the “made in England” product segment, such as trench coats that are hand-sewn at the factory in Leeds, UK. “We are a 166-year-old brand and this history will continue to be mined,” he said. “For example, the most recent collection clearly reflects British culture.”

However, in Burberry’s vision for the future there is no exotic leather.

Starting this year, the British fashion house will stop using exotic leathers. This is the result of 7 years of advocacy from PETA, the association for animal rights.

The association became a major shareholder of Burberry during the two-year period of the pandemic. Since then, PETA has repeatedly pressured Burberry to stop using animal-derived materials in fashion. This issue was once again raised by the PETA representative at the shareholder meeting last year.

Thus, Burberry follows in the footsteps of major brands such as Calvin Klein, Chanel, Victoria Beckham, Jil Sander, Mulberry and Vivienne Westwood in stopping the use of exotic leather.

For animal rights activists, exotic furs and leathers are seen as unnecessary frivolous materials in fashion. Leather from cows, calves and pigs is considered a bi-product of the meat industry, so it doesn’t feel as wasteful as the exotic leather industry.

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