Dress in the right summer with 4 bodysuit designs that refresh your daily style

Dress in the right summer with 4 bodysuit designs that refresh your daily style

Bodysuit is often misunderstood as a body-challenging design, but with a few simple mix & match tips, you have a stylish mix that suits your body characteristics.

Dress in the right summer with 4 bodysuit designs that refresh your daily style

If you are already a close friend of the designs of halter tops , tank tops , mesh tops , etc., you can try once to give bodysuits a chance to bring a fresher breeze to your fashion style. Not only “ruling” on summer beaches, bodysuits are appearing more and more in the fashion mix of believers. By just wearing a blazer, wearing wide-leg jeans, etc., we can get a trendy outfit that is still equally elegant. Let’s take a look at the bodysuit selection trends that are being promoted by fashionistas with ELLE.

For trendy girls, “boring” is a word that does not appear in their fashion dictionary. Whether it’s the basic white and black colors , the girls always know how to create the mixes that make them stand out the most. You can experiment with a cup-shaped, long-sleeve bodysuit and then combine it with flared pants, adding a bit of synchronized items to create a trendy monochrome mix.

Who says you can’t wear a bodysuit to work? “Entrusting” to a blazer with accents in the material, synchronizing the color with the accessories, you have become the “brand lady” of the office.

With the return of maximalism and flashy fashion trends, the color palette from red, pink, orange to green, blue, and purple is also “upgraded” by eye-catching vibrant or neon colors. The vivid color of the bodysuit resonates with the blazing sun on a summer day that will definitely maximize the “heat” for your look. Besides, creating additional accents with a stylized belt will make your second round significantly enhanced.

The charm of the corset design and the mysterious black color is the perfect duo for girls pursuing a sexy style. The corset shape integrated into the bodysuit also helps to show off the advantage of a full bust. You can combine this item with stylish flared pants to conquer the Parisian Chic mix , or combine it with oversized suits and blazers to create a “closed, open” effect, exuding an elegant aura. still sexy.

Originally a body-hugging outfit, the bodysuit has become even bolder with improvised cut-outs . Even if you don’t have a supermodel body, the cut-out still helps you direct your eyes where you feel most confident and creates an effective visual effect. The cut-out details, when placed purposefully, will help the wearer show off their elegant shoulders, slim waist or toned stomach.

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