Summer calling discover fashion designs that represent the summer of youth

Summer calling discover fashion designs that represent the summer of youth

Tank tops, crochets, denim bibs, etc. You have a dictionary of familiar summer items, but how do you choose to inspire new inspiration and make your everyday style fresher?

Summer calling discover fashion designs that represent the summer of youth

The summer of youth is always filled with colors and diversity in styles and materials. Amidst the rustic look close to nature, bold personality tones, the modern urban look is shown through cut-out lines , penetrating strokes . All are great fashion suggestions in Mango’s Rustic outdoors collection .

Tie-dye fabrics are an endless source of fashion inspiration. In recent years, the trend of tie-dye has returned and revived the nostalgia of old fashion. In the mellow blue color, the combination of blazer and colorful dress seems to blow up a flying liberal look.

Mango’s denim is not only rich in colors and designs, but also focuses on developing with more sustainable materials and processes . Loose denim overalls are always the first choice for comfort and cute playfulness.

Knitting items are loved for their rustic, feminine and rustic handmade beauty. For this summer, Mango introduces traditional crochet designs. Small proportioned crochet details plus sexy cuts, instantly create a trendy and bold effect.

The sea-inspired seams on summer clothes are the highlight of Mango’s Rustic Outdoors collection this season. With monochrome outfits, the basic shape, when refreshed by cutting and sewing techniques, will add a lively, interesting look.

Rustic style always creates a feeling of relaxation, closeness, and when presented with modern urban designs, it will bring almost all surprises in the combinations. You can prolong the summer with designs that are a bit streamlined but not boring, which will remain trendy into the following seasons.

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