Embrace the footsteps of contemporary women with the high-end dior vibe sneaker design

Embrace the footsteps of contemporary women with the high-end dior vibe sneaker design

What would it be like to combine the classic spirit with the eternal value of fashion with a contemporary imprint with a healthier, more youthful sport orientation? The answer was answered by Creative Director Maria Chiuri through the latest Dior Vibe sneaker design in the Dior Cruise 2022 collection.

Embrace the footsteps of contemporary women with the high-end dior vibe sneaker design

It can be seen that, in the Dior Cruise 2022 collection, designer Maria Grazia Chiuri has found the old values ​​of fashion to refresh the image of Dior women with a beauty that is not only feminine and luxurious but also utterly healthy and strong. In general, the common denominator chosen by the current female Creative Director of Dior in this collection revolves around the spirit of high-class sport (sport-luxe), instead of the ready-to-wear designs used. Haute Couture’s unique tailoring technique is as delicate as before.

An indispensable highlight in this season of Cruise 2022 can be mentioned that Dior especially favors accessory designs that are bold in the spirit of sports. Including the new Dior Vibe sneakers, carefully cared for by the Italian female designer in every line, harmoniously combining the inherent characteristics of sports shoes with extremely innovative details in gold or silver.

The sole is made of rubber to help the movements of the foot become more flexible and comfortable. In particular, Dior Vibe shoes are also dotted with a star on the back, symbolizing the pride and respect for founder Christian Dior of the current Creative Director of the French fashion house. Finally, it is indispensable for the distinctive Dior logo to appear prominently on the shoe design. In general, this is a great item for young, dynamic fashionistas, suitable for transforming many different outfits with the most stylish look.


Cartier’s latest “LOVE IS ALL” is inspired by a symphony concert series, in which hymns of love are sung endlessly. The campaign represents the vision of a luxury jewelry brand from France that celebrates all things love under the lens of joy.

Bringing the soul of magnificent France, but Cartier doesn’t stop there. The hundred-year-old fashion house decided to film a short film between Paris, Los Angeles and Shanghai, “LOVE IS ALL” as a testament to the power of love and intimacy that always appears in all shapes and sizes.

For the first time, the short film brings together the “Best Friends of the Maison” cast with famous stars such as Ella Balinska, Mariacarla Boscono, Monica Bellucci, Khatia Buniatishvili, Lily Collins, Golshifteh Farahani, Mélanie Laurent, Troye Sivan, Willow Smith , Annabelle Wallis, Jackson Wang and Maisie Williams.

The 12 role models Cartier selected build on each other’s creativity and energy through this joyful hymn, showing how important artistic and cultural diversity is to the vitality of a luxury brand like Cartier.

“ It is part of the Cartier family philosophy that when we are together we are stronger and more authentic and that is why we have brought together these inspirational artists who embrace life with a spirit of joy. Together, they like to conquer challenges with Cartier and reap the truest happiness .” – said Arnaud Carrez, Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, Cartier.

Directed by young British director and fashion photographer Charlotte Wales, who are known for their fresh, sophisticated and versatile approach, this short reflects what is paramount to Cartier. : The brand believes that the extraordinary in each person is fostered by others and that this connection enables that talent to flourish. This is a solemn statement of art and culture from a fashion house.

With “LOVE IS ALL” playing an important role, Cartier decided that the main track was a pop tune composed in the 70s by Roger Glover. and Ronnie James Dio. “Humans, we must live together.” Cartier’s short film shares the common message behind these warm and joyful lyrics as we head into the holiday season, the most important time to get together and gather as a family.

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