Level up your style with 4 ways to combine the basics of fashion

Level up your style with 4 ways to combine the basics of fashion

Besides color and fabric, combining textures is also considered a difficult style problem for women. But if you already know the basics of coordinating patterns, from simple to complex, mixing-&-matching everyday clothes becomes extremely simple.

Level up your style with 4 ways to combine the basics of fashion

As you know, simply sprucing up your outfit with eye-catching textures is the easiest way to elevate your style. Of course, you have a wide choice of textures according to your taste from mid-range to luxury fashion houses. Specifically, in the fashion industry, textures are divided into 2 types, including patterns and prints.

While pattern is used to refer to decorative patterns that are repeated on a fabric, usually woven or embroidered, print is created by printing on the fabric surface. Here are 9 basic patterns that are commonly encountered in fashion and are still favored by designers in their collections:

Gingham: The pattern is made of dyed cotton yarns woven together to form a plaid, usually white and a different color.

Plaid: Plaid designs offer a variety of choices, from a French navy inspired vertical or horizontal stripe featuring alternating blue and white lines.

Animal skin textures: Textures on wild animal skins such as python, tiger, leopard, zebra skin… always create a unique highlight for maximalism-style costumes.

Tartan Stripe: Tartan plaid is often knit with fleece that is still commonly used today to make Scottish flannel shirts or kilt skirts.

Floral motifs: Including floral motifs of all different types, from small flowers to large flowers, from monochrome to multi-color. As a result, floral motifs are always one of the ideal choices to bring a fresh feeling in every fashion season of the year.

Dot pattern: A pattern consisting of round dots of the same size on the fabric. The smaller the dot, the more neutral it becomes, and the larger the dot, the easier it is to create a more prominent highlight.

Geometric motifs: Characteristic shapes in geometry such as squares, triangles or trapezoids are skillfully used to create eye-catching patterns on clothes. They can be randomly arranged or repeated in sequence. The houndstooth, for example, is one of the prime examples of a two-tone cyclic geometric pattern.

paisley pattern: This is a traditional motif originating from Persia, with a teardrop-shaped design with a soft curved pointed top. Inside are floral and geometric inspired motifs arranged randomly.

Herringbone pattern: A pattern on twill fabric in a successive V-shape that looks like a herringbone structure.

Let’s start with the basic textures: They’re classic patterns, simply because they go well with many different outfits. These motifs can include stripes, polka dots, flowers and animal skins. Accordingly, you can already combine these patterns with any neutral color in your wardrobe.

Layering: Just find yourself at least one texture that can be layered with most of the available items in your wardrobe, and you can step by step enhance your mix-&-match ability. You can layer a floral-patterned catsuit with neutral, plain coats like an oversize life jacket for the chilly fall and winter weather, or a slim blazer for summer. In addition, layers are also an effective way to help you reduce the prominence of textures on the overall set, making them symmetrical without causing confusion for the opposite person.

Outfits with tartan motifs: Similar to how you “treat” the color of denim fabric as one of the neutral colors, you can consider tartan motifs as a neutral pattern because they can be combined. Combine with different textures, even create layers without causing disproportionate overall.

Experience multiple mixes: The most important thing about combining simple to complex textures is that you need to take the time to explore the different texture variations. From there find out what is the new mix formula for your personal style. In the process, pay attention to the harmony of the color shades and the size of the textures.

Next, answer questions like: What textures make you feel comfortable? Do textured formulas match your fashion personality? Or what do they say about you? Once you have found the answer, you are ready to create your own substance with fashion motifs.

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