Formula 1’s inroads into high fashion when the hustle and bustle turns to glittering runways

Formula 1's inroads into high fashion when the hustle and bustle turns to glittering runways

Formula 1 has long gone beyond the usual definition of one of the most exciting annual tournaments in the world. Bringing together top racers to compete, Grand Prix races are not only loved by the followers of this sport, but also extend their influence to younger generations, even women. Don’t stay out of this fun filled playground.

Formula 1’s inroads into high fashion when the hustle and bustle turns to glittering runways

It can be said that the Formula 1 world championship is considered the most expensive sport on the planet. Because the “horses” used in the tournament are equipped with ultra-light materials and apply advanced aerodynamic technology to achieve the highest performance on the track.

Not stopping there, Formula 1 is also one of the rare sports that is held in many different locations around the world in the same tournament. Transportation, equipment maintenance and logistics costs are estimated to run into the tens of millions of dollars.

Unlike before, the Grand Prix stages of the Formula 1 tournament are attracting more and more attention from the audience, especially Generation Z and women. Fans watching the match wore t-shirts, caps or bought small accessories with the name of their favorite racing team to cheer them on to victory.

Meanwhile, the hashtag #Formula1 attracts tens of millions of searches on the social networking platform. Influential KOLs are also invited to this sporting event to increase media coverage and attract a wider audience. Recently, the famous champagne brand Veuve-Cliquot has invited some famous faces on social networks to the racetrack in Monte-Carlo to experience a test drive of the “super racing car”.

Sports inspiration has always been the perfect creative bridge for fashion houses to bring exciting mix-&-match experiences to fashionistas. In this Cruise 2023 fashion season, high-end fashion brand CHANEL has breathed dynamic sports, specifically the famous Formula 1 racing outfit in Monte-Carlo city (Monaco), into bold designs. French elegance, luxury for luxury vacations.

CHANEL’s trip to the lavish city of Monaco is not the first time that fans have had the opportunity to witness the fast-paced world of Formula 1 on the flashy runway. Previously, supermodel Gigi Hadid collaborated with fashion house Tommy Hilfiger to create a capsule collection inspired by this sport.

And about 5 years ago, this tournament also launched a limited edition capsule collection with famous streetwear brands like BAPE and Anti Social Club. Unique designs of costumes and accessories, leading the trend, quickly “sold out” as soon as they open for sale.

But perhaps the world of luxury watches like Rolex or TAG Heuer is the place that opens the door for Formula 1 to “encroach” into fashion and turn racers into trusted ambassadors. On the track, the watches chosen by the super drivers are always one of the topics that many fans are interested in.

Indeed, along with the success of the “Formula 1: Drive to Survive” series and their remarkable achievements in the racetrack, their names can be compared to today’s cult movie stars. With millions of followers, they regularly update their daily life on social networks and wear trendy outfits at major fashion events.

Without a doubt, Formula 1 drivers have succeeded in creating a global buzz. One of the most prominent names today is Lewis Hamilton – one of the greatest drivers in Formula 1 history – invited to attend the prestigious Met Gala fashion show and participate in many high fashion shows. grant.

It is this relationship that has contributed to tightening the link between fashion and Formula 1. With a strong passion for fashion, the British record-holder 7 times champion affirms his level of expression. her fashion icon with a style that is both personality, strong, luxurious and polite. Similar to how superstar David Beckham unites fashion and football, Lewis Hamilton represents the golden generation of Formula 1 with a dynamic spirit,

Recently, he was officially appointed by Valentino as an ambassador for Valentino Di.Vas (DI.fferent VA.lues). Accordingly, he will be the first male ambassador of the Italian fashion house, along with Son Ye Jin and Zendaya to participate in BST promotion campaigns in the near future. Previously, Lewis was named by Tommy Hilferger to become a global ambassador, representing the youthful, strong and dynamic style of the brand’s men’s fashion segment.

After Lewis Hamilton, other famous Formula 1 drivers also “launched” fashion as brand ambassadors. Charles Leclers, a Ferrari team driver, is the Giorgio Armani brand ambassador. He often appears in public in dapper outfits from this fashion house. His Ferrari team was also one of the first Formula One racing teams to challenge fashion design, with collections collaborating with Art Director Rocco Iannone and launching their own fashion shows. Meanwhile, Daniel Ricciardo from McLaren team launched his own fashion brand, RIC3.

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