Louis vuitton cruise 2023 the unified universe of sci-fi movies

Louis vuitton cruise 2023 the unified universe of sci-fi movies

Every sci-fi movie builds its universe. Is it an advanced world with superior machinery and technology, star wars, a sandy land full of mysteries like Dune, or the convergence of supernatural powers in Marvel … And this is the universe? headquarters of Nicolas Ghesquière and Louis Vuitton, where we embrace the Sun as a trendsetter.

Louis Vuitton cruise 2023 the unified universe of sci-fi movies

The setting for the performance was the Salk Institute for Biological Studies – a Brutalist masterpiece by architect Louis Kahn. It is one of the most advanced biomedical research centers in the world. The complex seems to be made up of rudimentary concrete blocks, intelligently placed by the boss to welcome all the sunlight. When the sunset of La Jolla lands in the central fountain, the sunlight and shimmering water will cover everything with brilliant yellow color, illuminating the entire space.

Nicolas Ghesquière, Creative Director of Louis Vuitton, said: “Louis Kahn imagined an abode of thought and subconscious, inspired by monasteries and artistic Retreats.” The calm atmosphere here gives Nicolas Ghesquière a few ideas for opening looks. They stand out for their headscarves (of nomads or nuns?) and massive silhouettes sweeping across the floor that Nicolas has likened to molten lava.

But beyond the impressive look, the Salk Institute has huge implications for the future of humanity. “The basement here is a hideaway for science fiction” – according to Nicolas. As someone obsessed with time travel and traditional warping, our Creative Director has of course it was never stopped experimenting with designs and textures that emulate armor, Greek gods, and goddesses. to empower any woman.

The Sun is the guest of honor at the Cruise 2023 show. This is what defines our wardrobe because changes in temperature create a style tempo. Louis Vuitton has brought a collection that reflects the point of contact between light and people. The designs recreate a pilgrimage in the desert, and the textures and colors are “taken” from cliffs, lava, and dunes. Linen, jacquard, silk, leather, tweed, etc. move together to create contrasting effects.

Metal is the messenger indicating all changes in temperature, under the sun, they are even more dazzling and deceiving to the eye. Designer Nicolas Ghesquière put considerable weight on the collection when using metallic materials continuously. Under the “UFO” on the shoulders, the tassels’ flexibility drooped like the form of sound, fluctuating with wind and air.

This season’s bags are not outside the test of gravity and high-quality leather when Louis Vuitton boldly splinters on both sides of sturdy metal pieces, breaking the standard bag structure but also somewhat depicting it. the softness and suppleness of the leather. Besides, the French brand also suggests you heavy-duty shoes from boots to super-quality sneakers to firmly “come into life”. This show also features the strides of Olympic gold medalist – Eileen Gu.

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