Zendaya’s fashion style after 10 years from disney princess to the most sought-after red carpet queen

Zendaya's fashion style after 10 years from disney princess to the most sought-after red carpet queen

Undoubtedly, Zendaya’s “Fashion Icon” title from Zendaya’s Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Awards didn’t come naturally, but was earned by the “Spider Man: Far from” star. Home” proves after more than 10 years of artistic activities.

Zendaya’s fashion style after 10 years from disney princess to the most sought-after red carpet queen

Young star Zendaya has strengthened her position in the contemporary fashion industry with a series of eye-catching outfits at the red carpet periods in this 2021 and has become a name that many famous designers are looking for. But to get the stylistic achievements like today, stylist Law Roach has turned Zendaya’s ambition to become one of the most fashionable Hollywood beauties in Hollywood. At the same time, Zendaya herself has also shown her own fashion story very well in each fashion item she wears.

Zendaya is known for her role as Rocky Blue in the Disney sitcom “Shake It Up”. Of course, the fashion style of the “teenager” at that time had a youthful but equally mischievous impression of the Girl next door style. She often appears in well-organized layering sets, featuring eye-catching textures such as graphics, floral motifs or animal skins. It is known that one of Zendaya’s first red carpet outfits before was not from any illustrious fashion house but a collection of items she bought from US retail brand Target.

A few years later, Zendaya really entered the fashion scene, starting with finding her own personal style. That’s why she looks to sophisticated tailored blazers and trend-setting couture pieces like Valentino’s studded shoes. Zendaya’s mix-&-match ability is increasing in popularity as she knows how to choose the color palette that best compliments her skin tone and cleverly combine accessories for a radiant and tight look. full of youthful energy.

Zendaya’s fashion style begins to turn a completely different page from before, with more mature, luxurious and seductive colors, thanks to the great creative thinking of top stylist Law Roach. With the recognition of the style of the actress “Dune” this year as well as the prestigious “Fashion Icon” award from the CFDA that reminded him of the first days of meeting her in 2011.

At that time, Zendaya aspires to be a fashion star. He took it as his mission to dramatically change the style for the 1996-born actress to get rid of her mischievous image by sharing her in-depth knowledge of the catwalk as well as the history of the design industry. Whereby,

Law Roach further shared that both Zendaya and her family believe in his talent. Everything they do together is split 50/50. That is, stylist Law Roach is in charge of finding outfits and styling direction for Zendaya. Meanwhile, she is the one who wears them to express her own fashion story.

Her shining moment on the red carpet is like a movie where she is the main actress, she owns the red carpet, directing all attention to herself with every body movement. To do so, not only thanks to each piece of fashion carefully selected by Law Roach, but what makes Zendaya stand out is the story. Because for him, choosing a beautiful outfit for a beauty is nothing special, it is important for the wearer to create the moment.

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