Enter the colorful world of year-end partying with h and m’s new sustainable fashion collection

Enter the colorful world of year-end partying with h and m's new sustainable fashion collection

The collection titled “Innovation Circular Design Story” by H&M celebrates sustainability and pure joy. With so many recycled and advanced recycled materials used, and maximum emphasis on practicality for each design, the collection once again affirms H&M’s commitment to the product model. circulating output.

Enter the colorful world of year-end partying with h and m’s new sustainable fashion collection

Launched at the end of the year, the designs and promotional images for the BST are filled with cheerful colors, welcoming an open and bright future. To welcome this new collection, H&M has teamed up with Normani, Gigi Hadid and Kaia Gerber and many more to create an atmosphere of excitement in preparation for a party filled with joy.

“Innovation Circular Design Story” is the latest collection in the H&M Innovation Stories project, a sustainable fashion project that focuses on futuristic-thinking design and innovative materials. The collection is for those who love experimentation and self-expression, love the vibrant, jubilant atmosphere of parties and this spirit is also reflected in the campaign images taken by the photographer.

Rafael Pavarotti, photo series titled “Just before the party starts”. The series captures the excitement of preparation as well as the optimism and personality of fashion lovers, who love the splendor of both appearance and personality and are not afraid to show off, love to dance with them.

“I am very proud to be working with H&M on a collection that is committed to positive change and cyclical evolution , while also delivering distinctive fashion . This is a really rich and varied collection and it feels special to me; The excitement and anticipation of getting ready for the party and making yourself a star ,” shares Ib Kamara, Stylist and Creative Advisor.

“Fashion has the power to create change , liven things up, and empower them. This collection is a tribute to this and for the special excitement as you get ready to party, get dressed and ready to go into the party night with your friends, full of joy . endless fun and full of enthusiasm ”, said Ella Soccorsi, Concept Designer at H&M.

The collection was designed using the Circulator design tool allowing the H&M design team to consider all stages of the final product creation process, from expected life to materials and strategy. design. Circulator is being developed by H&M Group to assist the company in its efforts to become more circular and achieve its goal of becoming climate active by 2040. The goal is that all H&M products will be designed by this tool by 2025.

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