Modern and free with the limited edition bape and havaianas

Modern and free with the limited edition bape and havaianas

Havaianas, the world’s No. 1 flip-flop brand from Brazil, has just launched a collection in cooperation with BAPE® (A BATHING BAPE), a popular Japanese street fashion brand, bringing more personality options to the fashionistas. fashion lover.

Modern and free with the limited edition bape and havaianas

Havaianas was first introduced in Brazil in 1962. Right from its launch, the Havaianas flip-flop brand has become a “craze” not only in Brazil but also around the world. Most recently Havaianas also acted as a brand companion with the Brazilian team at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

About to turn 60 years on the market, Havaianas has been gradually exploring the history of flip flops in Japan, the country that inspired the first Havaianas. Last year, Havaianas teamed up with Mastermind to launch a brand new line of Tradi Zori, a street style flip-flop, inspired by traditional Japanese Zori sandals. And this year’s latest collaboration with BAPE® is the next step in efforts to combine Brazilian and Japanese cultures.

The BAPE x Havaianas collection features BAPE’s iconic ABC Camouflage motif on the Tradi Zori pair. The Tradi Zori’s large square sole shape is sharply designed, highlighting the modern style, making the flip flops more fashionable and closer to daily use than beach trips.

In particular, the fabric strap and the sole are made of 3-layer EVA material, combined with a rubber outsole, ensuring smoothness and comfort for all activities.

In addition to Tradi Zori, this collaboration of Havaianas and BAPE also offers street style enthusiasts Top version – a traditional and always-loved line of Havaianas flip-flops, with 3 vibrant colors, blue, green and pink, feel free to mix & match according to your own taste. Top Sandals are made entirely of rubber, will be the perfect choice for beach trips as well as daily activities.


Not only is a talented lawyer, Amanda Huynh is also known as a famous painter and book author with two titles “Lam” and “A date with Paris”. She also has a special passion for fashion and is always up to date with new trends. Here are a few suggestions for mix&match Fall-Winter that Amanda Huynh absolutely loves.

Unlike the blazer of previous years, which mainly featured slim-fit designs with a tight waistline, this year Amanda and fashionistas fell in love with the spacious, padded shoulders with strong menswear inspiration of the era. men’s page. Wide blazer models are delicately handled with materials that are very popular with women today such as leather, carreau, tweed… Along with that is a warm neutral color palette that is easy to combine.

Tweed material has long been a famous luxury material used by many high-end fashion brands. However, Amanda said that this fall and winter, the tweed material is renewed with cotton instead of wool, bright colors such as bright pink, pastel pink, making tweed skirt suits still retain their shape. Its nostalgic and luxurious look is inherently new and modern.

Amanda is extremely fond of loose-fitting suits that combine fresh with short pelmet skirts and high boots. Because this type of mix & match helps to elevate the youthful and luxurious appearance of the wearer. In particular, the main trend of this year’s autumn-winter season can be mentioned the pleated skirts or tartan skirts with bold school motifs, inspired by the famous series of the 50s. “Clueless”.

In addition, sweaters are also one of Amanda’s favorite items for the chilly days of autumn and winter. The shirt has a trendy oversize design with sleeves that create an eye-catching puffy effect, both stylish and luxurious. It is known that Amanda Huynh is currently preparing for a third book project called “Where We Belong” scheduled to be released in 2022.

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