New creative director matthieu blazy takes over bottega veneta’s more than five-decade fashion legacy

New creative director matthieu blazy takes over bottega veneta's more than five-decade fashion legacy

After the news that former Creative Director Daniel Lee parted ways with the Bottega Veneta fashion house, Kering luxury group recently named French designer Matthieu Blazy as the successor to the creative leadership position for the Italian fashion house. . His first collection in a new title will be released in February 2022.

New creative director matthieu blazy takes over bottega veneta’s more than five-decade fashion legacy

Perhaps Daniel Lee’s departure from Bottega Veneta at the peak still leaves many regrets. This 1986-born designer not only brings a youthful, disruptive vitality into the classic heritage of Bottega Veneta, but also gradually turns the brand into a luxury and exclusive symbol with the orientation of saying no to the logo. Branding, social media promotion or fashion week schedule.

Because more than anyone else, he understands the customer psychology no matter what generation, even Generation Z grasps trends very quickly, and cannot resist the fascination of trending items. Most importantly, the more exclusive the product, the more people aspire to own it.

However, the appointment of designer Matthieu Blazy as the new Creative Director of the 55-year-old fashion house did not surprise the fans. Because no one else is more suitable to take on the responsibility of creative direction than Matthieu Blazy. Last year, the male designer born in 1984 was appointed Design Director under the direction of Daniel Lee.

Before that, Matthieu was known to the fans and media through a photo taken with designer Raf Simons in 2014, which was revealed by editor Suzi Menkes as the main designer of Maison Margiela. This has partly helped bring the name of young designer Matthieu Blazy to light. Because so far, Maison Margiela is famous for being a very secretive fashion house about their designers. In addition, he also spent time working with Raf Simons and Phoebe Philo.

“ Matthieu Blazy is an extremely talented designer. I am really proud and excited to entrust the position of Creative Director of the luxury brand to him, ” shared Leo Rongone, president of Bottega Veneta. “ The fashion house always balances typical craft techniques and different creative ideas. The appointment of Matthieu will further elevate the modernity of the brand and accelerate its growth, while preserving the core values ​​of Bottega Veneta. ”

As for the new Creative Director of Bottega Veneta, he graduated from La Cambre art school in Brussels and became a menswear designer at Raf Simons fashion house. After that, the designer born in 1984 joined Maison Margiela, undertaking the main design for the “Artisanal” line and the women’s Ready-to-wear line. In 2014, he was Céline’s senior designer under Phoebe Philo, then continued to accompany designer Raf Simons at Calvin Klein fashion house from 2016 to 2019.

In 2020, he was officially appointed as the Design Director of Ready-to-wear line at Bottega Veneta. It can be seen that the aesthetic taste and vision of the French male designer is extremely modern, youthful and strong, in line with the spirit of the brand. Stay tuned to see what surprises Matthieu Blazy will bring to the premiere of his first collection in his new role at Bottega Veneta in February.

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