Pride month 2022 rainbow colors send positive messages from fashion houses to the lgbtqia+ community

Pride month 2022 rainbow colors send positive messages from fashion houses to the lgbtqia+ community

In recent years, famous fashion houses often launch fashion collections or collabs to join hands to support the LGBTQIA+ community. This year is no exception, they continue to collaborate with 3rd gender artists and models and for the first time collaborate with many charities for this Pride Month 2022.

Pride month 2022 rainbow colors send positive messages from fashion houses to the lgbtqia+ community

Brand UGG has partnered with activist Alok and LGBTQIA+ artists to deliver a campaign reminding you of the importance of mental and physical health on the occasion of Pride Month 2022. Together with the non-profit organization The Trevor Project, UGG contributed $125,000 to the foundation through their “Feel Heard” campaign to advance the organization’s mission of supporting mental health services and preventing suicide among young people in the community. third gender.

At the same time, the fashion house also launched a limited edition collection of stylish rainbow-colored shoes and clothes. Not stopping there, the brand also brought a question-and-answer session with the participation of social activist Alok, attracting much attention from the audience.

As one of the fashion houses that have borrowed the language of fashion to support the LGBTQIA+ community for many years, in addition to the annual rainbow-colored capsule collections, Coach is also associated with many nonprofit and fundraising organizations around the world. world through the Coach Foundation.

This year, the American fashion brand’s “Go All Out For Pride” campaign will contribute to the funds of partners such as the Hetrick Martin Institute, Point Foundation and CenterLink to support the work of connecting young people of the second sex. three with the community that supports them.

As for the capsule collection dedicated to Pride Month 2022, Coach continues to apply bright rainbow colors to the designs of iconic canvas bags, sneakers, etc., combining the fashion house’s classic logo with the flag representing the LGBTQIA+ community.

While many other fashion houses show support for LGBTQIA+ with neutral capsule collections, Levi’s looks to the diverse identity of the community. Their new designs of t-shirts, denim and accessories are made to be worn by everyone. In particular, the fashion house also cleverly integrates positive messages into the costumes, aiming to enjoy the life experience to the fullest.

Levi’s contributes $100,000 to OutRight Action International, a year-round nonprofit that protects and promotes human rights for the LGBTQIA+ community around the globe. With this year’s collection, the brand has taken a fashion photo shoot of 5 social activists who support justice in the community.

High-fashion brands often offer sophisticated designs during Pride Month, so the presence of Ralph Lauren’s “less is more” designs becomes special and no less prominent. Not only captivates fashionistas with casualwear designs such as clothes and bags, but also glasses.

The fashion house donates 25% of sales from items sold from the collection to the Stonewall Community Foundation. It is an organization that supports the most at-risk members of the third gender community, including people of color, transgender and gender non-binary people.

In addition, this year’s Pride Month campaign by Ralph Lauren includes interviews with many famous stars in the community to explore the history of Pride Month and how it intersects with the American Dream.

On the occasion of Pride Month 2022, the Italian luxury fashion brand Versace launched the Versace Foundation. Capri Holdings Limited, which owns Versace, has committed to donating $10 million to the newly established charity fund. This is a fund founded by designer Donatella Versace to support the health, safety and equality of the LGBTQIA+ community.

AMI brand has just launched a capsule collection with British male diving Tom Daley for Pride Month 2022. Accordingly, the Olympic gold medalist has knitted two sweater designs for this special collection. The first shirt is the Ami de Coeur Rainbow Jumper, featuring the Ami de Coeur logo hand-knit from alpaca and merino wool. The second is the Cropped Cable Jumper, a shirt designed based on an AMI release, with a cropped bodice and elongated arms.

In addition to annual donations, premium sports brand adidas teamed up with Australian artist Kris Andrew Small to launch a colorful collection of shoes and accessories for Pride Month this year.

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