Sharon stone new face for devotion handbag campaign spring-summer 2022

Sharon stone new face for devotion handbag campaign spring-summer 2022

Even at the age of 64, the beauty icon in the Hollywood movie Basic Instinct still appears with a sweet and attractive beauty. Beside her is a Devotion handbag representing love.

Sharon stone new face for devotion handbag campaign spring-summer 2022

With a long history and beautiful scenery found nowhere else, Venice was chosen as the backdrop for the Spring-Summer 2022 Devotion Handbag Advertising Campaign: alongside the stunning views of the floating city lies a precious jewel. Sharon Stone – the special muse of photographer Michael Muller.

Amidst historic squares, sunny yellows, picturesque canals and quaint cafes, actress and fashion icon Sharon Stone spends time relaxing with Adam. Senn and Sam Webb: this is the Italian Spring, a time when art, nature and beauty come together in unique emotions.

Shining brightly, Sharon Stone carried her precious Devotion handbag: an affirmation of her love for nobility, craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail emblazoned with the Sacred Heart emblem.


As a feature in the costumes of the American Indians, over the decades of formation, tassels gradually affirm their versatility and high applicability in each style. It seemed that the details “dancing” around this person were only associated with bohemian or hippie , but the tassel has made many “expeditions” throughout its life, creating designs that are admired by fans. tunes around the world. With this comeback, the tassel trend is expected to make your summer fashion “hot” and more explosive than ever.

Tassel outfits are no longer strange to fashionistas. The most glorious mark of this trend was made in the 20s of the 20th century, when two famous designers Madeleine Vionnet and Charles Worth presented flapper dresses with long fringes covered with glitter.

In the 70s, music legends such as Jimi Hendrix and Roger Daltrey once again “revived” this fashion style when bringing them to the vibrant catwalk. At this time, cowboys in the Far East began their “love” with suede jackets and tassels attached to them. Since then, the fringe trend has gradually become associated with bohemian, gypsy or hippie aesthetics.

In the 90s, details of tassels continued to “re-appear” with the introduction of Jean Paul Gaultier ‘s unique studded sunglasses . In the mid- 2010s , the trend of tassels re -entered the fashion catwalk and street style . It seems that the other fringes have been blown by the fashion houses a new “life”, making them look noble and soft but still retain the characteristic liberality.

Unexpectedly, the fashion industry once again witnessed the “robust” of the tassel trend in Spring-Summer 2022 with many contemporary changes. Perhaps because this is also the time when people begin to look to the passionate joys, the swaying dances after a long period of gloom, and without a doubt, the tassel is a “catalyst”. perfect.

The “thirst” for partying has not ended, sexy queens are always looking forward to the moment of moving their bodies under the music and shimmering lights from the disco ball. At that time, the sparkling fringed outfits were what contributed to evoking the wild “personality” that was often hidden.

To decorate their personality, ladies often choose fringed outfits with a bit of sequins and iridescent glitter. Along with that, a few accessories such as earrings , high heels with minimal design will be a great “recipe” for a striking look without being too “excessive”.

Bikini with fringe details that create a semi-open feeling is definitely a secret weapon to cleverly show off the sexy and toned body of the sisters. Recently, these bold outfits were rocked at the Coachella music party . With the boho and hippie-specific dresscode every season, the “connoisseurs” have cleverly added a little sequins and Y2K breath to unleash the “burning” of the festival.

Back to the street fashion race, tassels are a subtle highlight for gentle movements when walking. Not only are the microfibers meticulously hand-cut, the tassels of 2022 are also large details cleverly designed to keep the overall outfit dynamic but still delicate. Being bold is that, but just wearing a blazer , you can become an elegant lady in the office and still flexibly rotate to the nightlife.

Besides the familiar earrings and necklace, 2022 also witnessed the landing of tassel leather handbags. No longer dusty, wild as before, with minimalist designs on bags or hats, this trend is extremely suitable for urban spaces and Instagram “like” photos .

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